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December 12th, 2010

Right, the internet went down right when I wanted to push an update online… Very uncool!

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RT @Format_: RT @A1: Best. Profile. Pic. Ever.


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@glenndavid Because only Apple employees are pirates ;)

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@Lieneuh Zo raar, ik gebruik da al jaren :)

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@Lieneuh Zijn er dan onveilige UnRar programma’s? (UnrarX doet het goed, en is gratis :) )

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Where can I see what changed in a Titanium nightly build? I suppose the new version is better, but what has been added/fixed?

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Well: Lesson learned. Whenever you have a crazy idea, just roll with it. Chances are good that you might get lucky.

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RT @prplps: #gent scheppende stad > incredibly creative project >

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Got myself the best tool in the world for any freelancer in the world

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@BrunoByttebier gelukkige verjaardag, maat! Maakt der nen schonen zondag van.

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Can’t believe I still care. But that’s what friends do, I guess.

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Wa een vuile achterbakse teef zijde gij eigelijk? Maar tis goe: ‘k Ga uw vuile was dan ook maar eens buitenhangen. Fuck respect.

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