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December 16th, 2010

My app has been in review all day now. They seem to be testing that thing thoroughly. And it’s the most update ever…

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@dimitrivh I don’t think there’s anything quite like it… Time to start a million dollar business ;)

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RT @Nalden: everything looks better in super slo-mo

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@OttoJanHam Normaal gezien zou je die tegenwoordig gewoon moeten kunnen meepakken in de Mobistar winkels (zover ik weet).

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I remember the days when entities iterated over new ideas. Some of them don’t anymore because they became lazy. I feel old all of a sudden.

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It’s freezing cold in my room! I hate winter! :(

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Well, what do you know… It’s 4AM and I’m not sleeping. My inner clock is really messed up. I should be tired for ####’s sake!

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Gaat een cocktail drinken om de gelegenheid te vieren :)

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I don’t think so ;)

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