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December 23rd, 2010

@toStephen zet de map ‘iPhone’ terug in de ‘build’ folder. (die iphone map mag leeg zijn hoor) ;)

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Added one last tiny feature to my iPhone app. Now, it’s completely ready! #devine

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RT @thibault_imbert: Molehill in the browser loading a Quake 3 environment, using HD textures -

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1 mind was blown during the viewing of this video. (via @aral)

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@devdev_be I fucked up the video compression the first time :p

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Really stoked about getting this thing out to the world. Just some minor changes before building the final version.

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A few things need some fixing buy I’ll get some sleep before finishing this puppy up.

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I’m probably to stupid to figure out how to export a decent-file-size-quality video out of Premiere, so I’ll take the high road and give up.

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If my iMac were to go any slower, time would start moving backwards and the iMac would probably start a lonely walk back to the store.

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Created 5 super short show reels of what I created in the past 2 years. Where the hell did all these experiments come from!? So many!

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@CarlDieryckx Apps voor Android & iPhone maken we (voorlopig) met Titanium(http://www.appcelerator….). In NMCT gebruiken ze wel/ook Flash

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@aral Looking neat, Aral! Looking forward to seeing the update in the app store! Good luck!

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@aral We want previews! And sneak peaks! ;)

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