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January 7th, 2011

Hurray, got my proxy set up! Now let’s hope this keeps working nicely!

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RT @IQAndreas Look at your JavaScript, now look at ActionScript, now back to JS, now back to AS3. - Sadly, JavaScript is not #AS3. #devspice

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@AugustinDeBie Ik hou wel van de Nike+ website ;-) Kga wel RK nog eens testen. 2 jaar geleden gedaan maar da viel tegen

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@joristimmerman Yea, I might give it a ‘run’ next time. Didn’t feel like waiting before I went off for my run ;)

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That was my first run in 2011. Fortunately my Nike+ sensor is broken so now I can make myself feel good by thinking I went blazing fast!

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leebrimelow GameBuilder Studio is an upcoming visual editor for @as3isolib and also the PushButton game engine -

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joristimmerman If Apple came with Game Center on Mac, now that would boost the production for games on Mac.

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Apparently evaluating changes before making a decent verdict is overrated.

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@Brmm I have #1. Should give #2 a look ;) Will enjoy #3, no doubt. Thanks for the heads up ;)

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When will this finally be forbidden?

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