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July 22nd, 2011

Wow, I must have missed something! I always thought gender was either male or female. Which ‘other’ is there!?

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@BWS_Nazz Installing Red5 on a CentOS server ;)

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Okay, here’s my (very public) todo list for now:
1. Have dinner
2. Write tutorial

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My little brothers are playing NFSU:MW. Man, those grunge/grafitti graphics in the menus are totally up my alley.

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imjustcreative “A web developer walked into a bar. But quickly left when he saw the table layout.” Via @arlton

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Lol :D RT @dimitrivh: Er komen hevige lichtstralen, gepaard met warmte, uit een grote gele bol aan de hemel… Wat is dat? #gent

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I’m exhausted. Entertaining people while counting and calculating is harder than you’d think :/

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JonasSprengers People CHOOSE @mobilevikings because of their really low prices, but LOVE them because of their amazing & honest customer service #truestory

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Google+ needs a bit of profile customization (like Twitter) and vanity urls (like every decent social network) to really make it work for me

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Heading to work after an amazing night together with @lyntje. She can really take away any bad feelings I have…

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