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July 23rd, 2011

Mike_FTW Thanks to Amy Winehouse we don’t have to think about all those dead Norwegian people anymore. That was exhausting.

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RT @MCDV8 Ok if hobo’s die from a drugoverdose it’s their own fault, and if Amy Winehouse does it’s sad? :/

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True story RT @savvas Irony RT @rlux: I’m seeing more tweets about 1 dead singer than the 70+ killed by a terrorist. Perspective much?

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Makes both of us. RT @scottjanousek I think I’ll stop reading the news today. Too depressing.

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To those waiting for the RED5-tutorial: I’ll post it on monday. Pinky-swear-promise ;)

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@thenerd_be van op je iPad zal da lukken. Van op je Mac nie :( (of toch nie in SL)

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@davyhoskens No but that’s a very good idea! I will however make that a screencast since it’s more of “click here and there” tutorial ;)

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@netlash is er een reden waarom je comment form op een iPhone mijn email adres weigert?

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Finally got the Red5 installation tutorial together! Posting it tomorrow. Off to bed now! Good night, hunnybunnies!

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