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July 25th, 2011

@boskabout Mja, maar ge moet uw followers de kans geven voor een discussie over da soort belangrijke onderwerpen eh ;)

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I don’t think I told so many people to “stop bitching” ever before. We need to focus more on the positive stuff in life.

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digitalmash It’s a sign of the times when I’m more excited for iOS5 than Lion.

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Kortrijk, here I come. Just for a day though. ;)

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TUTORIAL: How to install #RED5 on CentOS 5 - The complete guide —

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eduardoortiz The trick to life is to not give a fuck how bad it hurts when you fall, but to get up regardless of how bad you look, and try again.

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Dear G+, you can’t just build a social network with all information set to “public” by default and expect everybody to use their full name.

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@object404 lol, I’d say yes. But haven’t thrown a grenade in my life, so don’t take my word for it. Let us know how it works out ;)

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Boy, that was the most bumpy screencast EVER. And I’m pretty sure I’m releasing it uncut anyway.

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