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July 30th, 2011

ariexlafferty Just logged into Google+ for the first time in a week. Haven’t missed anything. It’s like someone’s turned awkward silence into a website.

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As it turns out, I’ll be able to finally set the record straight with my dad. I’ve been waiting for this for many years.

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The truth shall set you free! RT @joristi Schoon gezegd! RT @amedee: @joristi @annabelle__s

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visualidiot $ mkdir “MC_Hammer”
$ chmod 000 “MC_Hammer”

Can’t touch this.

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lafilledo anyone here interested in making #soundscapes for productvideos new collection? noiselike. classical. like holding a volcano in your pocket.

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millenomi Frack negativity.

I eat negativity for breakfast. And THEN I kick it in the ass.

After eating it.

It’s sort of a complicated process.

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