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September 1st, 2011

@joristi train in motion ;) foto is in Oostende getrokken, maar pas wa later op de trein geupload ;)

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Leaving this place with the memory of an amazing sunset.

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_Snape_ It’s #September, so all you children have to go back to school. I hope this year you’ll learn the difference between your & you’re.

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Heading back to Kortrijk. Leaving this house which will now become somebody else’s home. Bye bye.

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3 months without you seem like an eternity.

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Let’s head to Middelkerke. Not really something I was looking forward to do.

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Hello world! Hello sunshine! Hello good vibes! Hello fellow friends! Have a nice day :)

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This blog thing is really starting to look good. Should be able to push out the new blog theme by the end of the week. Off to bed now! Ciao!

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iOS5 beta 7 is out… SEVEN! How many beta’s are coming?!

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