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September 8th, 2011

Digging this! That’s quite something else! Great narrative! Looking forward to the final piece, Munko! via @gmunk

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@tonylukasavage Your account seems to be hacked. Change your passwords ;)

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@Format_ I really wouldn’t know. As far as the app goes: it’s free and it works perfectly.

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Final tip before I head out: iPhone users: Get ‘Viber’, an app that let’s you do phone calls for free over 3G/Edge. Works great!

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@aral Cool! I was wondering if you’d record anything on video. When can we see what all the fuzz was about? ;) #UpdateConf

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I never liked Instragram because I felt it was hyped too much.However I start seeing the gap it’s filling.And now I feel the need to use it.

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“You don’t stop playing because you grow up. You grow up because you stop playing.”

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How to create a maintenance mode with .htaccess:

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I don’t get how I need glasses to comfortably read what is in front of me but I don’t need glasses to see that something is off by just 1px.

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@tonylukasavage I like it! The rest of your page needs more color though ;) It’s pretty B/W now ;)

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