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September 26th, 2011

Just so you know: never leave a ‘console.log’ in any JS code you debug in different browsers.

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@BrunoByttebier Voor mij wel, nie voor de rest van de wereld ;)

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On another note:Somebody out there knows how Firebug magically fixes a bug when I open it?(site broken with FB closed.Fixed when FB is open)

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I just want to state this for the record: Firefox is shit. (Just believe me, it’s actually true)

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Hurray! Just got an email from @nickvegas: GSG City Kit update is out! Guess what I’ll be doing tonight ;)

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Bugfixing for breakfast! (Yea, I know, some of you just had lunch…)

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“VDSL line status: not connected.”
Well I guess that’s my cue to go to bed.

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@GuusDeGraeve Yea, I’m looking into making multi-user realtime apps crossborwser/crossplatform/crossdevice ;) Flash + Websockets = 100%

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Checking out Socket.IO. Great crossbrowser/crossplatform library for Websockets/NodeJS. So many cool words in a single sentence. Rocking!

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