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September 28th, 2011

@sjespers ‘K ga later vanavond antwoorden op je vragen op mijn blog. Ben even niet thuis nu ;)

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@sjespers Ja,AIR2.7 viel heel hard tegen (mic stream recorden en dan weer afspelen).Ik heb natuurlijk geen Android devices om te vergelijken

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What’s the difference between Titanium, Phonegap, Unity, Corona, AIR for iOS and Xcode?

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A lot of people joining my Socket.IO testing-chatroom. The one thing I realize I have to add is sound notifications. Interesting!

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Ya, see! If we had the social web about 40 years earlier, this could have happened! via @miespaties

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Wrote a massive blogpost. Publishing later today. Time for some sleep now. Good morning world!

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3 people, 3 continents. @woutr_be (Hong Kong) and me (Belgium) are giving @creativeskills (US) live feedback about the new website. <3 tech!

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