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October 15th, 2011

I can’t help it. I tried. I really tried. But I really can’t suppress this any longer. OSX Lion looks like crap.

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Remember Jarvis from the Iron Man movies? How long before that is reality? Siri is making big steps towards that future…

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I should start keeping count of how many times people have told me I should be an Apple salesman…

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So true. RT @prplps: @Format_ Because gowalla was ruined after that last update :)

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woutr_be It’s shit like this Apple fanboys…

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@joristi Luckily for us, there are ISP’s that are not subjected to that ruling.

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Huge fail for Samsung and their lawyers.

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GreenPois0n_JB Siri Ported Successfully To The iPhone 4 (VIDEO) (RT!)

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Ordered a new Macbook battery on Dealextreme for a sumtotal of 33,97€ (instead of the ‘original 139€’ battery). And now we wait.

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peterelst found out shadows in WebGL Google Maps are rendered astronomically accurate to the position of the sun and local time of day - just insane

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