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December 8th, 2011

That Higgs Boson discovery thing is mighty interesting to follow. I don’t have the slightest idea what it does but it’s so intriguing.

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It says here “departure: imminent”. It has said that for 5 minutes now. MOVE!

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How did I end up being the guy who has to deal with these problems?

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@hannesfostie @voltje Der was tijd genoeg om het piccobello perfect tot in de puntjes af te werken. Het probleem was efficiëntie.

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@voltje Geld is het probleem nie. Tzijn externe invloeden die het project minder sterk maken. Dingen die hadden kunnen vermeden worden enzo

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The thing I hate most about doing my job, is that I care so damn much. It hurts when something isn’t the best you could’ve done.

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mobilevikings Thanks Vikings for your kind reactions. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ! #vikingspirit

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Hop hop!! RT @mctcommunity: inschrijven voor fitc kan ook nog altijd hé!!!

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zandwacht “Hey zandwacht! Your Flickr Pro account has expired!”. That’s OK Flickr: YOU have expired too.

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The girl sitting across from me in the train is checking out my badges… Yea, I intended to make that sound dirty. (I know it didn’t work)

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Interesting move by Proximus. Not impressive. Just interesting. I am kinda curious what @mobilevikings is going to do. Good luck!

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@aral_lara Make sure to bring some pictures! Mighty interested to seeing what it’s like over there! Have fun!

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