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December 9th, 2011

The US President fistbumped a random dude. Therefor he rocks.

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tweetbot If you are looking for yet another reason to try Tweetbot, here it is! It’s $0.99 for a limited time.

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What’s worse? “Somebody builds a simple form entirely in Flash” VS “He can’t get the darn thing to work” VS “He’s been on this for 3 weeks”

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Karma. Bitch. RT @kgerloff: Apple banned from selling 3G-enabled devices in Europe I’m getting popcorn. (via @rsandu)

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SaatchiBrussels New blogpost: Busy times at Saatchi Brussels

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Just wow! RT @Alyssa_Milano: WOW! 17-year-old girl wins 100k for creating cancer-killing nanoparticle /via @heykim

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anthonyvanoyen Mensen die nu de lichten van hun auto niet aanzetten zouden ze hun auto moeten afpakken #gevaaropdeweg

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I’ve been craving for hot chocolate all week… This better be good.

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DaveChapeIle Surprise sex is the best thing to wake up to, unless you’re in prison.

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Lol, it looks like companies can’t even *give* something ( = present) to people because it might raise privacy concerns. Feels backwards.

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@StijnProduction Doesn’t matter what software you are using. As long as you can deliver, it’s all good.

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Anybody good at creating interactive DVD interfaces? If it’s you: I got a job for ya. Ping me asap!

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@davy_delbeke Ik deel uw mening over de UI. Instant love! Het gaat volk trekken als we makkelijk van Path naar Twttr/FB kunnen delen denk ik

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Before today, the best iPhone app I ever used was Tweetbot (because of the amazing UX). Path improved on this. About a million times. *wow*

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Funny how “lifestreaming” is no longer a typo. It’s actually what we do when we check in, share ideas, post pictures, etc.

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@Kat_InTheCradle klinkt nochtans als iets dat de Twittosfeer nodig heeft om wakker te worden zo vroeg in de ochtend ;)

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