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December 27th, 2011

@delegatevoid Exactly! Where the hell does all that come from!? (Can’t remember having uploaded 470MB of stuff)

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Downloading my current Facebook data… Apparently that’s about 470MB… HOLY CRAP :|

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Free T-shirt idea: “No, I won’t jailbreak your iPhone”. Someone create it, sell it and send me one. I need it.

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Why would Apple create an actual television? That’s like building a bigger iMac with iOS on it instead of OSX…

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Modernegezegden Eén ding haat ik aan Twitter: Het afronden van een goede tweet, op -1 uitkomen en dan moeten beslissen welke grammaticale misdaad te plegen.

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It’s a bad day for productivity… Really bad.

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Borderline scary… RT @tijs: Must-see: London, without people

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Kinda makes you wonder… RT @BrunoFonzi: This is what a 5MB hard drive looked like in 1956 (note: required a forklift)

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I am actually considering billing the NMBS for my hours lost at full freelance-rate. I’m currently up to 18 hours. In 4 weeks.

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The plan: A direct train to Brussels.
The actual case: train too late, change to another one and now stationary in Ghent for 25 min.

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Good morning, world! Happy Monday-on-a-Tuesday!

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