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December 29th, 2011

@mikepuchol Strange. Always goes realtime here. That sucks :(

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@mikepuchol @parislemon Enable the stream on the Twitter client for Mac. Tweets/Mentions/DM’s come in in realtime :)

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I didn’t know how much I missed the good old hip hop until I rediscovered Killah Priest on Spotify…

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The force is strong in Adobe RT: @joristi: Adobe WanKenobi — #Adobe #Clonetool (via @ikbenmartijn)

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Writing a briefing, doing some Flex development, Killah Priest blasting from Spotify and sunshine outside. It’s a beautiful day…

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@roelvangils @mikevhoenselaar Verschil is absurd klein. Ik zou voor rechts gaan :)

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