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August 1st, 2012

RetweetDares Retweet if you’ve ever seen one of your followers naked.

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Joke Designated time-travel zone

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Wanna test the ‘responsiveness’ of your site? Here’s the best bookmarklet ever: /via @hannes_bhc

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I would royally shit my pants: Real zombies in New York City. via @AugustinDeBie

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@tekkie I actually turned off passive mode. Seems to make a change but I’m not sure yet (not enough uploads/downloads to confirm)

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Why the hell can’t I download this folder from the FTP? Transmit keeps on ‘stalling’… Not exactly cool.

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Made a little HTML5 webcam test myself. Too bad there is already multiple ways of dealing with browsers for this…

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Google Chrome updated to v21 and now incorporates native webcam and mic! Check out this HTML5 demo and be blown away!

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