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April 7th, 2013

@roelvandommele @carldieryckx Hoeveel zijn het er nu in Devine? Uit nieuwsgierigheid: Hoeveel DAE’ers zijn er vorig jaar afgestudeerd?

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@CarlDieryckx ti’s idd erg schoon. Hopelijk krijgt Devine ook ooit zo’n gebouw. Wat denk je @roelvandommele? ;)

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Spotify keeps asking me to restart to apply the update. I have been restarting the darn thing for more than a year now and nothing changed.

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My man @joristi took a badass photo of my @ardrone and me. I look like a freakin’ rockstar!

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Damn, that new #howest #dae campus is going to be one spectacular place! The inside looks crazy!

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Wanna have your mind blown?
There. Done.

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M.A.G. Magnificent. Magical. And Magnum. RT @iamwill: #thevoiceUK is the dopest

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