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February 6th, 2014

I still can’t believe that our kids will refer to us as the generation that didn’t fund a Deathstar.

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Getting a ton of email about the Dooodl update! I’m so glad people take time out of their day to send me feedback, suggestions, ideas! Cool!

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@Jannemans seems to be a common problem among tattoo’d people ;)

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@thomasjoos The ‘important apps’ is also my biggest worry. Thanks for your insights :)

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For eternity, I shall remember to never give up. @ Kortrijk

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NeelieKroesEU If we can mix commerce & we can definitely mix Olympics & Human Rights. Sponsors shd speak against homophobia

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@thomasjoos Would you care to elaborate where Nokia got it wrong? I’m fascinated by the sheer amount of ‘go-back-to-iphone’-ers :)

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Waking up to a client phonecall because of a broken Lightspeed system. Turns out it’s their own fault… 8AM is too early for debugging… Ugh.

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Quite pleased with how the @IOArtFactory site is coming along. It’s just so much work to actually add work to your portfolio.

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