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September 22nd, 2014

@MichielDeMey i didnt install the beta’s (also i think stuff like that is under embargo :p ) But yea: Huge news!!

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MichielDeMey Why is noone going wild over WebGL support in iOS8?
This is huge!

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Hey world, did everybody totally overlook that iOS 8 now supports WebGL in the browser? HUGE!

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@V3ndeTTaLord @BobSermon From the pictures it looks like they went for an iPhone 5 look. The devil is in the details and they missed them.

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@Jannemans Probably. We’re not getting any memory feedback at all though (php error logs etc)

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Not to step on any toes here, but ehm… Nice copy (poor execution)…1q

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People call this bad press for Apple. Why? They build and they sell the iPhone. They don’t decide who buys them.…

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@Jannemans I know but it shows me no error at all. From time to time it just ‘goes white’.

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Oh WordPress White Page Of Death. Thou art a heartless wench.

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