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March 2nd, 2020

Americans: “I don’t want to pay taxes for a common healthcare system where everybody is taken care of”


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Hey America, if you feel like getting your healthcare-act together, this would be a prime moment to do it.…

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@ResikaTV Come join the dark side… We (=Youtube) has cookies 😃

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Tough times don’t last but tough people do 💪

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@Nonunsenses Uw positieve en open-minded attitude gecombineerd met uw doorzettingsvermogen om dingen *te doen* is…UI

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@ResikaTV Fuck Yea! Getting there! Die small victories gaan elkaar sneller en sneller beginnen opvolgen nu. Super goe bezig! 🙏

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@JJere14 Wtf, ik ook net. Wakker geworden door de onmiskenbare geur van brand.

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I’m not scared to chase my dreams. I’m not really scared of failing. That only happens when you give up. And I won’…7X

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I’m not sure why but it’s kinda beautiful seeing all of these actors get emotion -just the way we did- when the…Ap

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