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March 5th, 2020

@arthurcremelie Because the original footage was 2.7K and i didn’t think it would be a particular problem 😅

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@WVFRM How do you feel about current folding phones/tablets when you consider these concepts (from many years ago)?…

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@joshuatopolsky Clearly you forgot that this was being conceptualized YEARS ago. This is happening 😝…

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@scuderia_91 @_RB43 @jonb4g @fia Yea, that’s completely true. But now they might just come up with extra…lj

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As a caucasian, it feels weird when the Emoji Skin Tone Picker pops up. I never had to deal with any kind of…cy

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@_RB43 @jonb4g @fia They claim it’s too difficult to prove. And while this might be true, this has just become…WC

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@fia The complex nature of the power unit makes it so that you don’t think you could come up with conclusive…Mb

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Oh wow… They decided that the complex nature of PU regulations and potential implementations would be too…Qj

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@itsnoomie Ge bekijkt da helemaal verkeerd. Bekijk het als een marathon: Daarvoor moet ge trainen; spieren en…EI

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So, as it turns out. Having 2.7K video files on your phone and then uploading them to Instagram might cause…mZ

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