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March 8th, 2020

@vercoutere I totally get that haha. Who in their right mind looks at this and thinks to himself: “that looks tasty! Gimme that!”

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Just spent a solid afternoon editing next week’s podcast video. I like the show but I gotta admit: putting in the…wZ

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In case you might ever be in doubt about the most destructive force in the universe: Will Smith has the answer!…

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Unrelated: there is a certain epicness about a excerpt from Men In Black 3 (a space movie) and the fact that the…ZB

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Life is this tiny pocket of opportunity. We only get a fraction of time in the scheme of the existence of the…kv

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@ztevenvp Dit al gezien trouwens? Om het publiek (=figuranten) bezig te houden hebben ze een freestyle competitie…SA

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Wanna feel old? Remember the movie 8 Mile? That was 18 years ago.

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