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March 9th, 2020

@MercedesAMGF1 So far. I kinda feel bad for Valterri though. I mean: I get it. History is possible in so many…SZ

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@lab9be I picked it up on Saturday and everything was perfectly fine! Thanks to everybody on your team for a perfect service :)

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@StudioCaroBE Grappig. Als je ‘Maison Fond’ uitspreekt hoor je ‘Mes enfants’. Nu vraag ik me af of dat puur…WN

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I haven’t drank any coca cola (zero & classic) since Saturday. I’m now experiencing severe headaches which are…4A

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It really pisses me off that it’s only Monday and I already know for a fact that this is the best thing I’ve read…CU

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That is 100% in the hands of your government and others around the world. I hope you realize that you cannot…Hk

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I just ignored a post on instagram because the color grade and camera angle was a clear give-away that it was an…EC

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@Otlyster Kzie het wa laat maar ook ik sta altijd open voor een gesprek. Als je wilt ventileren, laat u gaan. Als…Ar

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Mae West. A woman with style, ambition and bravado. She was way ahead of her time and enjoyed her sexuality…Pi

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joristi Today, I heard an interview on the Dutch radio that there was a protest march in Amsterdam. Not just about equal…3z

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This never ceases to amaze me: I make notes with my stylus on my Galaxy Note. Once they ate saved, they are…Is

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