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March 10th, 2020

I just found out that Americans get immune to Covid-19 once they voted. Preferably for a sane candidate.

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You know what we called “a thread” before “threads” on Twitter were a thing?

A blogpost. is that way 👉
Now go.

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Dannmace bad news: you’re growing - it’s uncomfortable
good news: it’s uncomfortable - but you’re growing

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Oh wow, SXSW seems to have cancelled as well… That sucks. I was kinda still contemplating going… I guess I’m…5B

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People be organizing FPV freestyle meetings in the middle of the Antwerp International Airport no-fly zone like

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And yet nobody seems to care… I’m not getting close to that shit. I’ve had my share of DGLV/FAA run-ins. I’ll skip this one.

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@Jonazzty Total lockdown is een last resort wapen dat zware gevolgen kan hebben op heel veel vlakken. Om zoeits…3L

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