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May 6th, 2020

@johnhilltube That late catch with your front foot makes this whole thing juicy AF!

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@KennyLeys Nah, I’m not feeling it. The part that came before the crash was quite exciting though 😁

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@KennyLeys I like the idea. Next time I break one, I’ll keep it on and see what the resulting footage looks like.…MV

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@JimmyKane9 I’ve got a bunch of these. Great value!

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Come to the dark side! We have powerloops!…

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Put my freestyle quad head on in a concrete wall. Drone survived. GoPro as well. ND filter decided it’s had it…iq

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🎬🚁 Wanna come check out this crazy cool apartment (loft?) in Kortrijk I’ve been living in for the past couple of…pt

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Dropping a new video in a couple of hours! Finally! I’m really excited about this one. 😊

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I’m working on the closing title of a video. I just spent an hour on that title that literally just features a…KZ

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