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May 13th, 2020

Due to the pandemic, the Belgian government apparently can’t move to the new drone laws as previously planned by…5M

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hannes_bhc shaming doesn’t eliminate risky behavior—it just drives it underground.…q

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OH DEAR GOD! I need to have less tabs! NOT MORE! MAKE IT STAHP!…

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I’veen a lot of videos lately of people ‘getting into FPV’ but they are leaving out a lot important stuff! Let me…K1

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So… Interactive movies then? So when’s the Final Fantasy 7 for PS5 scheduled? 😁…

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Oh wow… Looks like those X-ray goggles to look through people’s clothes will soon be a reality! 😆…

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@wbuxtonofficial I don’t particularly like the guy; he had his time, burned a number of bridges and walked away.…gz

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@paintedblack Ja, khad da vanmorgen ook al ergens anders gelezen… Maar die headlines doen het soms lijken alsof het al confirmed is…

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Working from home during the pandemic… when you’re an extreme sports athlete🤣…

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@paintedblack Is da confirmed nieuws? Of gewoon speculatie gebaseerd op geruchten?

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@hannes_bhc Die van u zijn effectief entertaining; nie altijd voor iedereen. Maar dit was een meisje die haar…Fy

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