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June 24th, 2020

@vercoutere I have always been impressed with their performance of their iPads running on those ARM chips. Ever…xp

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Tattoo idea for FPV pilots:
Build. Crash. Repeat.

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@wouterds Mijn 2019 macbook is er zo een. Maar die heeft absoluut geen thermal throttling. Mijn 2015 heeft er…NO

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@zouloux @tekkie I don’t mind paying some money in order to be sure it’s done correctly without damaging/…GA

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@zouloux I’ll let the professionals do that. No way I’m doing that myself 🤣

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Due to thermal throttling, OSX has decided that the CPU should run at 43% (instead of 100%) of its capability. My…MC

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@BobSermon En met het geld da’k aan mijn laatste Macbook Pro heb gehangen kan ik feitelijk 3 jaar lang elk jaar…8y

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@BobSermon Ge moet het mij nie zeggen. Ik heb vorig jaar een laptop van 2012 aan iemand verkocht en die werkt nog…dP

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BobSermon @RonnyKingFPV…

Been a month now that I see this on a lot of videos

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I have used and loved my Apple computers for the last decade but for the last 18 months, I’ve been thinking about…Wi

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The timestamps in the descriptions are visualized in the Youtube player timeline (including the title of that…IP

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Interview with @miakhalifa about her career and how porn contracts are signed. It kills me that women get treated…8Z

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