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August 30th, 2020

@F1_Realist @stevehamkins @F1 This one had me laughing out loud! Brilliant hahaha

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@engineeringvids I think these people are playing fast and loose with the word “car”…

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Remember kids: ideas are cheap. Execution is where it’s at. Doesn’t matter if your idea is only half baked. By…9L

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She had 80.000 debt in student loans.
She paid 120.000 over the course of 10 years.
She still owes 76.000 of…uX

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Poor Cyril will end up with a honeybadger tattoo soon 😄…

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kumailn Go to google.

Type “Early vote” plus the name of your city/state.

Make a plan right now to vote as early and…Fj

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@DesiJed Respect to that lady. She did not let him get the better of her. And that pissed him off so badly……2L

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BrentToderian WATCH: The 2 BEST things about this award-winning 2002 Saturn car commercial?

1: It didn’t seem to realize how…ym

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beeple FUCK.

not only was this mf’s art god damn amazing but the amount he did the last 4 years without telling anyone…4I

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Joined my buddy @vercoutere at the skatepark earlier today to do a quick test for something I might want to try…lq

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Also: How the fuck is there 2 year old footage of racist police officers committing a murder of a man in a cell…Tz

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Hey Belgian politicians: get your shit together.
If you found video footage of me 2 years ago, clearly showing…Ia

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“Why do we always wait until the end to play the good music?”

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