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November 5th, 2020

Count every vote.
No matter who wins.
Every vote shall count.
Every voice shall be heard.

Trump supporters…nc

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LinusEkenstam This is how the map should be shown in all media going forward, LAND DOES NOT VOTE, PEOPLE DO.…

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Well, looking at the latest update of the Trump VS Biden race, it looks like we might in for another 4 years of this shit…

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@JimmyKane9 I was going to try to contest this by saying that people in Belgium are smarter, less ignorant and…Mc

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ForeverWithJoeJ Whoever is updating The Guardian’s live updates has had enough lol

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@KennyLeys @JoeBiden Clearly more people went out to vote. That’s fantastic news. However these number suggest…jp

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Hardly a shocker but glad to see this confirmed in a more scientific way than ‘gut feeling’ from the schmuck that…L5

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