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January 1st, 2021

@Casey @MrBeastYT The best thing about that line is @Casey’s own reaction about it in his vlog later on 🤣…

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Almost forgot: If your footage is crap (bad lighting, bad camera work, etc), color correcting/grading is like polishing a turd.

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I don’t want to learn how to use tools. Tools are easy. I want to understand the science. Applying wizards and…7F

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Oh internet…
“In this video, I’ll show you how to color correct and grade your GoPro flat footage!”
** proceeds…YO

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In order to color correct, you first have to understand colors. That stuff is fucking difficult to dial in.

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@MrCobblewobbles I’ve tried Resolve before. Didn’t really make the click yet. Will put some time in it later on…Mf

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@TomVanMeersche Begin maar met een sim op de PC (liftoff, velocidrone, DRL, DCL) of PS/XBox (DCL, Liftoff). Als…5e

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@vercoutere Thanks, man! Wishing you great progress in your skate-ventures as well. Looking forward to filming…wV

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Looks like moving from OSX to Windows won’t resolve this issue… Oh, Premiere… Someday…

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Starting today it’s legal to fly sub250 drones in low risk areas in Europe. So we can now fly this little boy in…3V

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People saying “2021 can’t be worse than 2020, right” clearly don’t understand how the universe works. Shit can…Y4

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