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January 15th, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen, I know that FLAT color profiles are hype these past couple of years but before you enable a…Bc

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That’s as Apple as it gets. Nailed it.…

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After 10-ish years, I switched from OSX to Windows and I’ve hated a lot of it but the ONE THING that I’ve REALLY…iN

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@HapneyH @MattyWTF1 I never really liked the guy but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him at that very moment.…9j

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@MattyWTF1 I can’t really decide between Vettel’s crash in lap 1 of the championship decider in Brazil 2012, the…7t

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The rest of the video is just as mad. Check it out.

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@caitchristinee Are you sensitive to lactose? (Not the same as lactose intolerant) because there are solutions for that as well.

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@arvidurs @arnoldrenderer @sidefx @SpaceX This looks absolutely incredible but something in the beginning…gv

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Me: *buys a pretty baller PC*
Cyberpunk 2077: *exists*
Baller PC:

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