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January 28th, 2021

This is a seriously clear and thorough explanation of what’s going on and it makes it painfully clear WHY the…DT

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This is the part of “The Big Short” where I started screaming out loud: “WTF HOW IS IT LEGAL TO BET LIKE THAT…cn

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@joristi I was thinking about them just a few weeks ago. I was really sad when they went under since I really…8u

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Hey @GoPro! Clearly you love FPV as you have included many FPV drone shots in your 10M milestone…Wk

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It’s not your words but your actions that define you. Isn’t that right, @RobinhoodApp ? Protecting those poor…1G

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SaeedDiCaprio For every retweet this gets, 5 cents will be donated to mental health initiatives.

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@jakepaul @Benaskren @GamebredFighter @NateDiaz209 I’m not sure I like the footwork. Looks sloppy (and perhaps…cV

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Remember when Michael Burry considered the system to be completely corrupt? There were arguments to be made back…DT

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@bobaesen Ik doe dit al jaren. Is super handig in allerlei situaties (is hij/zij al onderweg? Moest hij nu werken…sX

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@studio_caro Gij met uw poliserende opmerkingen ook, eh 😁Dat jaagt volk weg! (denk gewoon dat er meer bots u volgen dan dat ge beseft)

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Remember when they invented GDPR and told us that it would protect us from unwanted usage of our data? Yea, that…Xg

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