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I’d like to point out that I can actually *SEE THIS*!! This is just RUDE! 🤣

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Team principal: <addresses Seb with excuses>
Seb: <silence>

30 seconds later

Pitwall: Radio check please?

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The president of the United States… millions of people voted for him. My mind still can’t process that reality.…

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tonyhawk One of the few positive effects of these scary times is the increased interest in skateboarding. It’s been…8A

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Last year I went on this mini-adventure to shoot a photo in Barcelona ( At first it was…6U

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@Nonunsenses Dorien is mis 😛 Ik ben al jarenlang eskater/longboarder en ik ben daar super ervaren in. Als ge wilt…Xg

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@TomVanMeersche Ge hebt daar geen nieuwe camera voor nodig. Da’s lijk New York: Gelijk welke hoek dagge uw camera…H6

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Nothing. I found that my way of dealing with difficult situations has proven to be very effective. I’ve stayed…Bb

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TomDangora I want to be as cool as the person who made this sign

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@Gauthieeer_ @tienpontlowiese En uw plan om haar te exposen was aan twitter laten weten dat ze een typisch…eK

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@tienpontlowiese Maar alleh, wa voor volk trekken jullie toch aan? Ik zie da vaker en vaker op social… Ik begin…y4

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@thenerd_be Oh I see… Thought that was your inbox… Oh what the hell, delete it anyway, see what happens. Might be interesting 😁

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@thenerd_be CMD + A ▶️ DELETE

If there was something important in there, they’ll mail you again.

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For those of you who missed it this weekend 😉…

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wonderofscience The view from the window seat returning to Earth from space.

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Many think of 2020 as a write-off. I wonder how many people look around and take inventory of the vast amount of…XM

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Have you seen my latest video yet? Make sure to check it out: and don’t forget to…fv

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@Nightscapeldn The question is if those who are switching are able to maximize the Youtube format’s potential.…3Q

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This is the dopest video I’ve put out over the years. This is what I got into FPV for ❤️

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