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3 years ago around this time, I decided to head out to Barcelona to stand on top of a statue and perhaps take a…2A

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This has got to be the most American thing I’ve come across on the internet in my life (and I’ve seen some shit)……Vy

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Had someone from my client’s support team remotely take over my screen today. His reaction when he realized I had…z1

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@studio_caro Mijn visie is dat het leven ons test. Niet om ons te pesten maar omdat het weet dat we het aankunnen……so

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@survivalitis Dieten is een relatief concept. Mensen snappen da nie. “omdat er in fruit ook suiker zit is fruit…mB

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@tekkie @sjespers Yea, I absolutely loved WordPress back in the day but I remember seeing a lot of hacked sites…Pp

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I’m considering making a new site/blog. Both for FPV portfolio purposes and for a new FPV drone oriented blog.…rv

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Webstorm: There are updates. This requires an IDE restart. Would you like to do that now?
Me: Ok!
Webstorm: Quits,…iw

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netflix Leonardo DiCaprio explains why he wanted to make Don’t Look Up and why the way it ended was essential.

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At least they lean into it. Some FPV drone pilots post their shaky footage and act as if that’s the pinnacle of…Vr

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DrifterShoots Your “why” will push you beyond when you can’t push yourself

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@79barbara79 Het Orakel in The Matrix had gelijk: “Nobody needs to tell you you’re in love. You just know it.…LZ

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Hey @RideOnewheel, if my XR+ (2019) doesn’t even manage to carry me 3km anymore on a 24% charge, am I right in…46

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@MrsDuckk @axeldec_ Ah, als da belangrijk is, gaat ge idd mss eens moeten een checklist maken en overlopen wie er…QB

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@MrsDuckk @axeldec_ OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Poco, Pixel… Ze zijn allemaal geweldig.

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@MrsDuckk @axeldec_ It has become a race to the bottom. De technologie is tegenwoordig zodanig standaard… met…aj

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It’s hard not to cheer for stories like these! 👏…

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@MoederMuppet Dat vettig lachske op’t einde! Goud! ❤️

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Nice, @Toblerone. Way to stay classy.
(Unnecessarily sexualized)

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How about “I fly FPV drones in beautiful places, work with awesome people and get to experience so many…Tn

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