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@Syr00p @survivalitis Been there for real. Vorige zomer meerdere keren. Gemeen is nog een lief woord voor zoiets…

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@peterlindgren_1 If they product is a baseball cap or a pen, then I can see how that’s inappropriate. If the…Ov

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Me: weird, this client has not yet paid their invoice. They’re NEVER late…

Also me: Hmm… this invoice seems…sl

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@51Drones @JimMunroIII @DJIEnterprise @advexure If it can’t do snaprolls and rubics cubes, I don’t want it 🤣🙈

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@keida_kira This is the kind of stuff that is “possible but doesn’t mean it’s a good idea” because one day a QA…gv

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My computer’s language: English
My browser’s language: English
My phone’s language: English
My Facebook preferred…Xz

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I honestly cannot believe that this is still such a big problem. 2022 and we still have to combat racism… after…5z

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Hey @GoPro, why are you STILL asking for credit card information over the phone when processing camera…mL

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I am __SO FUCKING EXCITED__ to see what the pop-culture impact of this movie is going to be! How will it impact…6q

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@Compi666 A former world champ (who used to be highly respected) used the N-word in public while referring to Lewis…

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I’m absolutely shocked and can’t imagine what is being said off-camera behind closed doors… Unbelievable that…Ld

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When the boss of a big multinational mentions you by name when discussing who to hire to get a drone shot of the…05

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Remember that “daily schedule” that @Casey showed us years ago? I send it to a lot of people and they all respond…O6

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@caitchristinee Purple. If it’s good enough for Sam, it’s good enough for us all.

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@wbuxtonofficial @maxchilton Anyone else feels that was uncomfortably quick considering how close and unprotected…KS

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So simple.
So elegant.

Yet I feel that somewhere someone still needs a flowchart to understand this.…

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@TheRealSkyeGray @Nonunsenses I for one have always thought it’s a weird language (Dutch is not my native language)…mi

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America is prepared. Way more than we know. Glad we got that straightened out. Cause we be hearing the news about…4k

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