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@FinalFranktasy Right here. Still deeply in love with Tifa 21 years later. (She’s currently my desktop wallpaper ❤)

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Saw this video a couple of days ago. I felt like I’d like to go to these locations. Then No-Excuses-Ronny did his…m5

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TheRealSkyeGray @RonnyKingFPV Yeah, true in all relationships. More listening, less telling.

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Back in 2012 I applied for a job at an Apple store. I absolutely nailed this challenge without any prep.…Em

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Mr. Beast released a video 30 minutes ago. By now it has been watched half a million times. The internet ❤

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lunardeiity xiao yang – prosthesis and accessories by yvmin; china,

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‘t Is al een tijdje dat ik gedesillusioneerd ben door @bpost_nl maar dit is toch een nieuw dieptepunt. Een pakket…Xf

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@alexduvallin @HHillierSmith Until you upload your next video. This rating is based on ‘how did your previous 9…TJ

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@HHillierSmith I actually liked it. Found it very relatable and found your conclusion actually very fair. The…1K

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@studio_caro Peis wel da gij da gejinxed hebt, deze keer. Alles was goe tot gij zonodig een ticket moest kopen.…AK

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@wouterds How much Youtube do you watch (check watch hours in your Youtube app)?

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These results absolutely blow my mind. Can’t believe so many people watch YouTube on their phone. (I watch…w6

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Kzweer het, @KennyLeys. You a dead man.

(het 3de pakje is NOG ALTIJD nie verplaatst sinds maandag 14u toen het…yQ

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@Nonunsenses Voor de mensen die willen weten waar gehost is… 😂

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Earlier today I left the house on my Onewheel. 2 seconds into my ride, I realized I forgot my phone at home. I…XL

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@GioakG Then take a break? Nothing wrong with recentering your mind. Even though it’s not ‘actual work’, it’s…Bn

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TrishFL1 Everyone should know this 👇👇

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That IS EXACTLY how it works 😂 I’m screaming 😂…

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@RhinoShowTV Even in fields they’ve never even heard of 😂

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@MattyWTF1 I’d even suggest that people ask why they think that. Getting different perspectives is never a bad…Rd

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Hey @bpost_nl! Da’s echt nie cool eh! Mijn pakje dat uit 3 dozen bestaat is maar half afgeleverd. Werd nochtans…wM

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