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June 2017

@BobSermon @HLN_BE Probleem is hier ook te reproduceren, is doorgegeven bij de mensen van het video platform. Thanks, man!

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@BobSermon @HLN_BE Device? Browser? HLN app? Android of iOS? Ik kan het probleem niet nabootsen op mijn S7 Edge…F9

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Another day, another BBQ. Same friends, same family. The good life.

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When you’re going fast as fuck and the world turns all blurry. @ Kortrijk

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Celebrating my birthday in style. 🎉

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You can have any life you want as long as it is with great friends. Thanks to everyone

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Het was een eeuwigheid geleden dat ik dit met eigen ogen gezien heb. Het was nagenoeg perfectie…

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I run for the struggle; run for the pain. Believe it or not: I’ll be the winner of the game.

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Been listening to this song for years. I only realized this morning just how much I can relate to it.…

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You are the eternal griever. The man with the heart of a lion. So run. Run until it stops beating.

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Today was supposed to be our 7 year anniversary. Instead she told me she’s moving out. I really screwed this up, didn’t I?

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hannes_bhc M’n vlog over de Audi R8 al gezien? Check de teaser met @bovoordefans 😱 @AudiBENL @…rQ

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seancannell The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.

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seancannell Don’t spend half your life saying you’re too young, and the other half saying that you’re too old. Pursue your passion TODAY.

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Don’t even consider getting in the ring with me. I am more dedicated than you’ll ever be able

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Cuddles cat be like “cuddle me!”

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