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October 2019

Either Valtteri got a good start because Seb messed up, he timed it perfectly or he jumpstarted and should be…8w

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@petermckinnon … and tweeting about it in true @MKBHD fashion. 😉

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Anybody else noticed the similarities between @GretaThunberg and Katniss from The Hunger Games?

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Looking at the progress i made since april. Crazy.
Looking at how I changed since January. Insane.
And there’s…3v

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🎬🍿 NEW VIDEO! I went to the UK a few weeks ago to the Evolve Skateboards UK Open. I got to race e-skates with my…sL

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I hate editing the videos where I messed up the recording. But boy when I managed to pull this thing together, I…tK

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This quad has been haunted by sudden sudden drops (or failsafes; I dont know which it is for now) and it always…Kq

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I will always admire people who went out of their way to try something extra-ordinary, no matter how weird it…6z

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A: How fast were you going?
B: 5.5mph
A: That’s not very quick… What’s the record?
B: 20-something mph…
A: *…a0

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@mikebeecham I’m not sure you read my reply correctly. I actually have an 18-200 (best of both worlds: from very…sh

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SirWrender Totally! In fact I’d say it’s important and necessary to embrace.
It’s the basis of curiosity.…

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@Andries8 Ge hebt “Ferrari” verkeerd geschreven 😁

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“We worden allemaal bedrogen door deze verkiezingsprogramma’s”…

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@AdobeCare Sorry for the late reply (busy with travels and getting work done). The above suggestion didn’t…rP

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Finally got to watch the F1 race in Russia. Another chapter in the Ferrari Handbook of “How to completely stuff…9X

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