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March 15th, 2010

@KennyDePauw Cool! Btw: ik denk dat mijn nike+ senser plat is. any clue hoe ik dat met zekerheid kan weten? (geen zin om nieuwe te kopen)

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Went out for my first run in what must have been at least 6 months. I’m shocked. And probably on the verge of dying.

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Why you shouldnt use the official retweet feature in 8 words: it takes the ‘social’ out of ‘social media’ (via @aral)

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brarno RT @stubru: Erika Van Tielen naakt!

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Very interesting morning… And I’ve come to realize that I’m very VERY lazy… I used to be so much more of an explorer…

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@DriesDesigns Kzeg nie da as3 slecht is eh, verre van. Maar voor een interactive mockup is as2 gewoon veel makkelijker/leuker ;)

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Okay: Let it be said! AS2 was big fun for little things! AS3 can’t keep up in any way for this sort of stuff!

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Creating an interactive Flash mockup… And I chose to do it in AS2… Let’s see if my gut feeling is right and this will be much easier!

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