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June 24th, 2010

Can’t believe how hard it is to just get a complete list of blogposts (with post-url and post-title) from a standard WP install…

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It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it…

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@W0utR hmz, right you are. I’ll have to see how the internals make use of those methods when changing childindices. Good thinking, thx

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@joristimmerman @matzo Hah, thx, but I’m not working inside of the Flex framework right now ;)

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@W0utR Well, the need for that event is to know when a childIndex changes (for instance when another sprite is swapped with ‘this’ one ;) )

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Hm… Is there an AS3 event that dispatches whenever a displayobject’s childindex is changed? I really could use that right now…

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Jup, the new Flickr page is awesome!

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This AIR app has been running for about 30 hours now, doing heavy math calculations… All of a sudden it now turns into a memory hog…

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“This situation needs to be UNFUCKED RIGHT NOW!”… Gosh, why are movie quotes always so applicable in life?

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Chilling outside with @wirward. It’s awesome outside.

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philipdubois First “pizza-night” at my place with @wirward, @babyC, @LadyElena and Pascale was really great! Truth-or-dare, should do that more often…

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