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June 11th, 2012

A 15” Macbook with Retina Display… Really wondering what the future holds for that device… Love the SSD drive and the 2 thunderbolts though.

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@jongold @aral Imagine you crapped money and could chain up 3 of these bad boys… Or 4!!! Oh boy…. Somebody stop the nerd-porn!

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ChaseMit Started reading todays Apple announcement on my cool state-of-the-art MacBook Pro and finished reading it on my stupid obsolete MacBook Pro.

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Archived some projects and emptied the thrash on my computer at work…
Before: 12GB available
After: 161GB available

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Computer most definitely says no. Even typing this seems to happen in slow motion.

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utterben We’ve all been lied to.

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Well, I got my car back. 160€ for the towing company and a 50€ fine. Excellent! That’ll teach me…

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Great. Car got towed due to the marketplace on mondays. Well… That sucks.

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