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December 18th, 2014

@jvans @Telenet Ik vind de 8 char limitatie persoonlijk lastig. Al mijn wachtwoorden zijn langer… Also:

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Zeg @Telenet: Waarom max 8 karakters voor een login wachtwoord? Slaan jullie dat plain-text op in de database!?

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@svenpeeters Thanks, Sven. Ben benieuwd! @diskwriter, als je open staat voor een Ti project, ping mij even op ;)

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@Ultimedia I agree on Phonegap. I disagree on Titanium. It’s a pretty nice platform as far as I can tell and serves its purpose.

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I’m surprised how few Freelance Titanium developers are in my network… (To be exact: I think none)

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@minorissues Found it already but that seemed like a nice trick as well. But it doesn’t seem to work for

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@spruyttej Found it right after I posted that tweet… Thanks though ;)

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And Twitter’s law strikes again: Found it. Advanced Search -> ‘keywords” and check “1st grade connections”.

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Is there a way to filter your LinkedIn connections based on a skill? Seems like that’s not possible or I’m missing something…

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Girlfriend trying to talk to me about Gossip Girl while I wake up… I wonder what I did to her to deserve this…

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