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November 9th, 2016

Tsouloftas The only real winner of tonight: real-time Javascript

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Look, let’s see what he’ll do once he takes office. He won because people voted for him. Now let’s give the guy a chance.

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Whoever said the darkest hour is right before the dawn was wrong. It’s in the middle of the night… just saying.

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@monkviper It’s a standard plugin so if you can use PostCSS with Webpack, this plugin should work as well.

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I’ll just leave this here. Really wondering what the future holds :)

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I think he deserves the win to be honest. If you can manage to fool roughly 150.000.000 people into voting for you, you deserve a win.

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Obviously this guy is gonna get shot at some point. So we should start placing bets as to ‘when?’. Who’s in?

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deadmau5 ill take, “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS A JOKE!?” for $400, Alex.…

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Google be like: “Trump? Nope! I won’t acknowledge that! No fancy doodles for you!”

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hdv Just saw this on a website: ‘Please email us at JavaScript required’.

30s later, the last two words were replaced by an email address.

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Seriously? That guy? You’ll give that guy control over your country?!…

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Hey America… What the actual fuck?! Are you fucking kidding me?!

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