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February 6th, 2018

So @SpaceX / @ElonMusk just casually launched an electric car into space on first try with a rocket which used rec…

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It didn’t explode! It is on Twitter! It must be alive! @falconheavycoreycore

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Or maybe it just didn’t land, went back into space to get the car. “Forgot something in space, be right back; hold…

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Well, I take it the #FalconHeavy Centre Core didn’t make it back home. Otherwise we’d know already. Well, I’m sure…

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RT @jessedurocher: Just watched a rocket carrying a roadster playing David Bowie take off on a journey to Mars live on my phone. We’re basi…

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FireGoliath I am more invested in the fate of the centre core of than I have been in any film or television show in a decade.

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Psythor Reminder: The side boosters were RECYCLED too. That was the SECOND time that both of them have landed.

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RT @eli_schiff: Sketch libraries are design systems.

You, on the other hand, are either:

A. A lying, self-serving ideologue


B. Willf…

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savvas To the crazy ones @SpaceX

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