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January 16th, 2020

captainvanover Nothing in life worthwhile comes easy.

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RT @nurkfpv: Windows Key (⊞ Win) + V opens a history of copied lines so you can choose from a bin of previously copied things to paste.


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What about this is fascinating? There is literally no reason to not expect both male and female thieves.

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“Advertising is a nice place to work but a better place to rob”

I can’t remember where I got that quote from but t…

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I love how @WiedenKennedy think that ‘cash prizes’ and ‘winners’ are an acceptable terms for ‘payment’ and ‘people…

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This is exactly why I still dislike the advertising industry. I’m so glad I left…

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Yes. @F1 -the pinnacle of motorsport with the most expensive event-entry tickets of any competition- have teamed up…

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Why do people so desperately need an edit-button on Twitter?! Just double check your post before you Twee tit..

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@KennyLeys Damn, totally didn’t register to me. That challenge just became a lot harder! 😆

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