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February 13th, 2020

Yes. I have those quite a few of such batteries lying around the house. I’m not sure how I manage to sleep at…lB

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I bought a BatSafe box which arrived today. In the manual it stated to not exceed the max-rating for the box. I…DV

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@StudioCaroBE @BacktotheFuture Congrats! Big life goal achieved!

Wacht eens!? Was da gij nie die vorig jaar…Ai

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You know what still blows my mind? Will Smith has been active on Youtube for a little over 2 years now and yet…nr

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Trevor making fun of Trump AND explaining why you should vote even if you don’t like the candidates:…

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Best thing I’ve seen all week 😂…

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@Joke Aangezien ge die mens al aangesproken hebt en dat het niet onredelijk is: gewoon laten takelen. Elke week.…At

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