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July 9th, 2022

The simple answer is: the economy. It started about 15 years ago. The trend towards minimalism. Simpeler. Less…xY

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If I were to clickbait title this video and still deliver on the promise I’d call this one “I broke a drone in HALF”

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As a kid I watched F1 until I was 16. Schumacher was the man to beat back then. I started watching again at the…SY

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snapbackseb this is too funny like. Imagine looking at Sebastian Vettel, married to his high school sweetheart, father of 3,…nt

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Of course I should have known better but some naive part of me thought that Adobe can’t possibly create an app as…RF

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I wanted to make a video. On my phone. So I used an Adobe video editor app.

On my phone.
Which is a top of the…Cl

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And I don’t care WHAT you got for an excuse: one does not just “keep Hamilton behind”. Takes some skills. Takes…2d

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Mick showing Lewis why he’s a Schumacher in that sprint…

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@lawrobarretto Vettel has stated multiple times that he’s not in F1 to make up the numbers. He wants to fight for…ns

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@kvandenhaute @silphiasv @Nonunsenses Funny. Elke bank waar ik ging om te vragen naar een lening keek naar mijn…N9

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@jNoxxx Ik heb mijn uitnodiging nog nie gekregen. Straks gaat er een envelope in mijn brievenbus vallen waarin ze…jD

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