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April 24th, 2012

@masdelmar mja, zie, da’s weer die legal talk die mensen int verkeerde keelgat schiet. Net dit gelezen en zou kunnen:

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@masdelmar Indekken en ‘ownership van bestanden’ nemen op de manier als beschreven op hun site is NIET hetzelfde. Het kon minder agressief.

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Well, that’s what’s going to kill Google Drive, right from the start then.

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Internet providers telling their customers that their Internet connection is down and that they are working on it… Via Internet. Irony.

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@philippecreyten Hmm… I’m wondering if you might be right. Might be a good thing to not find out, though ;)

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@philippecreyten I tend to disagree. Lots of companies are getting funded and are still crashing… I wouldn’t call ‘bubble’ too fast.

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Please wait while Lotus Notes is crashing…

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parislemon Again, all that stands the test of time is if you were right about something in the long run.

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It seems to be the new thing to call “Bubble!” every time a startup gets some funding…

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Spotify-enabled poster changes track if you throw something against it! Awesome! /via @hannes_bhc

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