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February 27th, 2019

@KennyLeys @its_dinuka And also: “having lots of money won’t guarantee to make you happy. But not having any will…ag

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@KennyLeys @its_dinuka I am pretty certain that everyone will agree: “Money will not make you happy. But it sure…oL

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KennyLeys Life pro tip: surround yourself with people who making you better. Invest in people who are positive, it is really worth it. 😘✌️

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Damn. De tubes zijn volledig weg gebrand. Deeltje van het dak heeft er ook van langs gekregen. Uiteindelijk lijkt…Gk

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@bobaesen Gewoon “Baes”.
Kort. Krachtig. Accuraat.

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People are all excited about the McLaren on top while Mercedes apparently lost their ways after 5 year of…rC

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