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November 26th, 2019

@sophiabottt More than I’d like to admit. ☺ Is this a weekly thing from now on…? Asking for a friend.

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@gnuman1979 This guy has so much chill, even a rogue squirrel can’t make him lose his relaxed composure. I like…1B

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Can we stop calling them ‘performers’. Either call them artists, actors, creators, influencers, entertainers or…hS

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@joristi There is an irony to the accuracy of this… 🤣

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Every once in a while, I am reminded about how I felt on that dark January evening in 2014. And every time, I…Gn

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This cat makes Michael Jackson look like an amateur. Also: Sound on for some Freddy love ❤…

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@AmyVrielynck Worden de mensen die die berichten gestuurd/geplaatst hebben dan niet vervolgd? Ik dacht dat zoiets…KB

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Loaded question. But the bitch isn’t worth my energy. Life is all about karma and balance. And she’ll get what’s…V5

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