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October 7th, 2020

So i have about 10 hours of FPV footage of a single project. I need to cut it down to about 6 minutes… Well..

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@joristi Naaktfoto’s van gelijk wie lekken is een strafbaar feit. Dat mensen elkaar bedriegen is hun probleem. Ik…Q9

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@F1 Oh man, I never even considered that (3rd vs 4rd place in Abu Dhabi 2012). 2012’s season conclusion was one…T6

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“It’s not a bug; it’s a feature”.
I actually said that today. It was about security so it actually made sense.

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@Dsoenens New York City. Zo een magische plaats. Zo iets onbeschrijfelijk waar ik zo op verliefd ben geworden.…s2

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Heard this in a youtube video: what is cinematography?
“How to not suck at pointing the camera at anything”…Oe

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